Professional Master Molecatcher

Master Molecatcher

My Grandfather used to catch moles in Devon back in the 40s 50s & 60s. It turns out that I too 'have the knack'!

Some time ago, I spent 6 months as an "apprentice" to a Molecatcher in the Cotswolds and have achieved the level of "Master Molecatcher" in the Guild of British Molecatchers. They run 3 levels of Accreditation leading to Master Molecatcher.

For the latter qualification, one has to present evidence from 50 satisfied customers where you have caught the mole or moles within 24hrs. and The Guild then checks this information, before awarding the title (recognised in the pest control industry)

Area Served:-
Alcester and surrounding area, but I have been as far as Earlswood, Worcester, Pershore and Shipston, although I work mainly within 10 miles of Alcester.
You can get more details at:-

Once you are happy for me to set traps, I will do so and continue to monitor until I have caught all the moles. This can be quick (a day or two) or more protracted, depending on site surroundings and area(s) of mole activity.

I have successfully caught moles in lots of "difficult" situations such as under sheds and patios, under drives/roads, under oil tanks, in borders, in vegetable patches, in paddocks, on village greens, on football/rugby pitches, at racing stables, for hotels and in all sorts/sizes of lawns of course!


I like a challenge!

In a former life I taught Biology. I definitely want to avoid unnecessary suffering to any wild animal, so I only use quick kill traps and not live capture, as the latter have to be checked at least every 3-4hrs to prevent distress.

Neither do I wish to pollute the environment with gases and poisons! I only trap moles where PEOPLE don't want them, so I (and other molecatchers) make very little impact on the population of 40 million or so moles in the UK.

I give opinions and surveys for FREE, either over the phone or on site. I currently charge only "Moleage", but not "Hourage" or "Mileage" (the latter as long as you are within 10m of my home, then nominal rates for miles in excess of 10)


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    Contact Name:Rob Petherbridge
    Address:11 Riddell Close Kinwarton Park Alcester
    B49 6QP
    Telephone:01789 762067
    Telephone 2:07704 324271

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