How to create a page

Adding a page for your business or organisation to this website is quick and easy. When you create a page on the ALcester website you are actually little website with a set of buttons for Page, Map, Facebook, YouTube, Contact, Gallery.

When when you create the page the information you add the more button will be display.

Before you can create a page you need to be signed in with your registered account. 

After you sign in you are normally taken to your my account page. From this page you can create or edit pages and events and change your account details. You can also access this page by clicking on My Account at the top right of the page whilst signed in.

To create a page

  • Click on the My Pages tab.
  • Click on the Add New Page button

You will then be presented with a form to fill in. The form is split into 5 short sections.

Name and Description

The first section Name and Description is where you give the very basic information for your page. Such name, description, keywords and categories.

You can choose up to three categories that best describe your organisation, however please do not add your pages to categories that are not relevant. For example if you had a page for a pub with a restaurant and bread and breakfast facilities. You could the following categorised Pubs and Clubs, Bed and Breakfast and Restaurants. 

Contact Details

Simply enter the details you wish to display on your webpage and your details will be displayed in a table under the Contact tab menu.

Email addresses are not displayed on the webpage to help protect your address from spam. Instead a simply contact form is displayed on the page that direct messages to you.

If you add a post code this is used as your approximate position on the maps tab.

Map Position

The map positioner allows you to drag and drop the flags to your precise location. If you do not do this your location will be based on the post code you supplied in contact details.

Web, Social and Document Links

This section allows you to easily add links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, other pages on this site or uploaded documents such Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or Office Documents such as spread sheets.

Simply add the correct details in each field and the tabs will appear on your page.

Images and Gallery Settings

To make your page stand out it is a good idea to add a page image. This will be used along with your description on the category pages and a the main image on your web page.

If you want to add lots of images easily to your page. You can select multiple images to display under the gallery  

Web Page Editor

The web page editor allows you to create a full website with images, text and links. The editor allows you to create a page in the a similar way as create an email or word ducument.

There are buttons for bold, italic and bullet points and a drop down list to change a paragraph into various sized headings.